Hoffman Fall Floral Collection by Herschel Supply

Founded in 1924 by Rube Hoffman, Hoffman California Fabrics designs and manufactures premium screen-printed and hand-dyed fabrics. In the 1950’s Rube’s son Walter spent a few years living in Hawaii, surfing and absorbing the carefree subculture that surrounded him. 

When he finally returned to California to work for his father’s company he was inspired to integrate the aesthetics of Hawaii’s surf culture into his designs. Herschel Supply first partnered with Walter to produce a collection that revisited bold, neon prints used by Hoffman in the late 1980’s. Their latest collaboration is a floral print fabric that incorporates rich tones and vibrant colors reminiscent of fall. Available in store in the Grove Backpack, the Charlie Wallet, the Chapter Travel Kit and the Glendale Cap.

To read more about their partnership and the history of Hoffman California Fabric's, check out the article in issue 10 of The Journal by Herschel Supply: